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Friday, June 2, 2006


Dear Editor: 

I'm an instructional assistant in a high school special education program in Winston, Ore. I teach a sign language class and a few months ago checked out a "Sign Songs" video from our county library to share with my class. My students instantly fell in love with the video and its star, Madison singer/songwriter Ken Lonnquist. My students began asking me if we could go see Lonnquist in concert.

Long story short, as a surprise to my class, my co-workers and I arranged to have Ken come and perform at our "Evening of Appreciation." The purpose of my letter is to inform anyone in Wisconsin who may not know of the treasure they have in their own back yard. I warned Ken his arrival would equal that of Elvis, and indeed it was.

Ken entered our classroom to be greeted by very excited special needs students who eventually rushed to hug him. The ease and comfort this man showed was overwhelming! His connection with our students was immediate and sincere. He later gave a truly entertaining concert that included inviting our students to join him up front. Even Evan, who has autism and rarely says anything, turned to me after the concert and said: "I sat right there and he did sing One Speed Bike.' He did." Proof of the magic Ken performed that night.

For sharing great music, great fun, human kindness and a little miracle, thank you Ken Lonnquist from all of us at Douglas High School!


Raphael Powell Sutherlin, OR

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July 6

O'DARBY returns to Oakwood Village (Mineral Point Rd, Madison) with their mix of traditional Irish folk and pub songs, plus originals written in the grand old style!  Harmony, humor and energetic instrumentals!

7 pm, Tuesday, July 6th!


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