One hell of a good songwriter and singer.

~ Pete Seeger


Excellent songwriting, wonderful humor.  

~ Si Kahn


Ken Lonnquist has written a whole slew of great songs.  

~ Sing Out! Magazine


Energetic, warm, inspirational... a must to be experienced.  

~ Cattail Concerts

The power of Lonnquist's material sneaks up on you from behind, camouflaged by delicate melodies and delicious guitar work... gorgeous bursts of romanticism.  

~ Wisconsin State Journal

Old Befana


Dec. 8 • 2 pm

DeForest Public Library

203 Library St, DeForest, WI

 (608) 846-5482

Not just good children’s songs - good songs, period. Expertly crafted, and performed with extraordinary charm and skill.

~ Dane County Kids Magazine

You are a treasure in the realm of music for children. Kids love your songs - they are fresh, relevant, musically sound, imaginative. 

    ~ Twila Bergeron, Music Teacher

Exuberance, merriment, imagination and glee!

~ Mary Avrakatos, Director, New York Harbor Festival


The best thing to happen to children's music since... foreer!!

~ Minnesota Parent Magazine

nature / environment

Wisconsin Poem

kids / story-song

Windy Bill


Talkin' Acid Rain

350 Russell St, Madison, WI  53704 • ken@kenland.com • 608-249-7714