In theaters, libraries or schools, 

what could be better than stories

wrapped in song?

These concerts - drawn from original story songs, adaptations of famous stories, and original

musical theater works - encourage reading and writing! 

"Ken Lonnquist’s music tip-toed mysteriously, as if down a long, spiral staircase, to that place inside each of us where shivers wait to be released. Every song was a treat, whether deep & dark or light & silly."

~ Sheryl Voita-Ray, The Capital Times 

His songs inspire while tickling everyone's funny-bone!  Kids and adults alike have so much fun, the only disappointment is when the show is over.  Just when I think he can't possibly get any better, I enjoy each show more than the last one I attended.  

You can't go wrong in booking Ken!"   ​ 

~ Carol Rudebeck, Reading Specialist

“Thoroughly engaging music-storytelling. Humor is the primary ingredient in songs written by Ken Lonnquist. The upbeat songs

offer creative, irresistible word play.”  

~ The Los Angeles Times

“Wow What a treat!  Lonnquist’s music is some of the freshest

and most creative children’s music I’ve heard in a long time.”

~ Fred Koch, Chicago Parent Magazine


"Ringmaster Ken Lonnquist’s extravaganza boasts a veritable menagerie and a tidy sideshow of exotic characters. The latter include the shady, all-knowing Guru Guy, the nose-offending outlaw Windy Bill, and a slam-dunk wizard. Best of all is The Switcher-On Of Stars, a slightly mystical epic about the adventures that befall the title character, the earth, and the heavens. Considering its abundance of diverse material and musical styles (including credible calypso and western swing),

The Circus Kenlando

is well worth the price of admission."

~ Paul Shackman, Booklist

Princess & The Pea

I Sold My Cat

 Switcher-On Of Stars

One Speed Bike

Voo Doo

A Very Special Day