Ken performs fun, imaginative and meaningful songs for kids of all ages.  His typical shows fall into these categories:

Welcome To Kenland" combines funny songs kids can relate to their own lives (bikes, TV, messy bedrooms, pets) plus some story-songs and thoughtful songs about getting along with others... near and far.

Earthy Songs" is a nature-oriented show with songs about animals, woodlands, rainforests, water, energy and "being green" - recycling, reusing, and taking care of the Earth.  Any show can be tailored to address particular areas you'd like emphasized.

Thematic Shows" are yours to design - a concert of story-songs to emphasize reading and writing, a concert about "healthy habits", seasonal or holiday-oriented programs.  Ken will develop a show around your thematic wishes!


     As health concerns making large gatherings problematic continue, Ken has performed hundreds of Streaming and ZOOM concerts and artist-in-residence programs for schools around the country... keeping Arts experiences alive in educational settings.     Although the immediacy of being physically present is lost, Ken's improvisational in-the-moment nature remains 

impactful... and the expense of travel fees magically disappear! 


     A songwriting residency last Winter yielded 11 songs based on positive character traits and

 the stories of Dr. Seuss!

     Let's set something up at your school - whether in-person or virtual!    Ken will make it an experience to remember.


     Call (608) 249-7714 or email

     What kinds of songs does Ken write with students?  EVERYTHING from curriculum subjects to purely creative writing!

South America (6th Gr.)

Volcano Land (4th Gr.)

Gingerbread Man (pre-K, K)

Snowflakes (2nd Gr.)

Bat (5th Gr.)

The Nile Is Wild (K)

Hurricane Katrina (1st Gr.)

Coyotes (2nd Gr.)

A School Song (all grades)