Fun, imaginative, meaningful songs, 

exuberantly performed with plenty of

audience participation!  This concert will be a

highlight for your family audiences.  

Includes Ken's most popular songs, 

performed with the brilliant KENLAND band.

"Exuberance, merriment, imagination and glee!" 

New York Harborfest

"The best thing to happen to children’s music since… forever!!"         ~ Minnesota Parent Magazine

"Once again you have succeeded in maxing-out the Crossroads capacity. You definitely are one of our most polished performers. The musical landscapes and images you painted with your songs engaged every ounce of every child. Madisonians are lucky

to have such a widely recognized musician in our midst. 

Fantastic performances."

~  Madison Civic Center

"Not just good children’s songs -

good songs, period. Expertly crafted, and performed with extraordinary charm and skill."     ~ Dane County Kids Magazine

    ”You are a treasure in the realm of music for children. Kids love your songs - they are fresh, relevant, musically sound, imaginative. Your work runs circles around the likes of children’s music gurus such as Raffi and Greg & Steve.”

~ Twila Bergeron, Music Teacher,

Fox Point, WI






 gentle wind