As 'Minstrel for the Environment'

Ken combines science, reverance

and inspiration - plus his knack for finding 

humor in human folly - to inspire audiences of all ages. 

Earth Day, any day, kids & adults love his songs!

"One of the most talented writers and performers of

environmental music in the country."

~ Phoenix Press

“An exceptionally talented and marvelously creative teacher of environmental education, from elementary school children to University undergraduate student teachers.”

 ~ Wendy Sterne, UW-Madison Curriculum & Instruction

"I saw Ken Lonnquist perform at a Youth Conservation Camp,

and from the minute he began, I was amazed."

~ Brooke Ramsey, High School Student

"Ken Lonnquist is a creative and spellbinding performer. He has the uncanny ability to teach and entertain at the same time. Humorous as well as thought-provoking songs about the environment."

~ Timothy N. Kooi, Principal, Hartland

"A favorite performer. His ability to connect to his audience with humor and sensitivity all at one time is remarkable. What Ken accomplishes is magical, and down-to-earth as well."    

~ David Stokes,

Schlitz Audubon Center

Waking Up


The Woods Are Well

Animals In The Big Woods

 Heaven's Energy 

Little Tree