Sep 19 / 12:00 - 1:00 PM


Ken joins Bill Camplin and Lo Marie at The Folk Stage of the Willy Street Fair in a round-robin tribute to the great BOB DYLAN.  It's an honor to be asked to honor Bob!


Sep 19 / 3:00 - 4:00 PM


Ken performs on the Willy Street Fair Folk Stage, doing a mix of songs from his vast original repertoire.


Sep 25 / 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


PRIVATE Family "Celebration Of Life" for a 95 year old lover of old cowboy songs.  Ken saddles up and harmonizes with Doug Brown, Tom Waselchuk and Johnny Widdecomb for this special event.

ODarby circa 1982.jpg

Oct 3 / 5 PM


O'DARBY plays a PRIVATE Wedding Reception

Edited Image 2016-11-23 13-31-12

Oct. 8 / 1:15 PM


Ken returns to Conrad Elvehjem Primary in McFarland in a back-to-school, autumn harvest outdoor concert!  It's "WOODSTOCK" at Elvehjem Primary!!!

P Cover.jpg

Oct 9 / 11:30-2:30 PM


Ken performs in Green Bay, WI at Fall Fest on Broadway!  3 sets of songs from the popular "PUMPKENLAND" CD.


Oct 15 / 2-3 PM


Ken MIGHT be appearing at Eagle School in Madison on Friday, Oct. 15... IF the meteorological spirits cooperate!  It will be an outdoor show for K-5th graders, with plenty of Halloween and autumnal songs...  

Rain, rain, go away!  Come again some other day!

witch COLOR040_2.jpeg

Oct 16 / 3-5 PM


Ken and Espere Eckard-Lee perform songs from "PUMPKENLAND" at the Mauthe lake Campground (Kettle Moraine State Forest northern unit).  

Cinderella Graveyard.jpg

Oct 23 / 11 AM


Ken performs Halloween songs from his "PUMPKENLAND" album at the Madison children's Museum's outdoor performance space!  Fun, upbeat and not-really-spooky songs and stories will come back to life (!) with the help of The PUMPKENLAND BAND:  Espere Eckard-Lee (accordion), Henry Boehm (bass) and Raphi Boehm (drums).  Laugh, sing and dance in costume!


Oct 26 / 7 PM


Ken performs for residents at Oakwood Village West (Mineral Point Rd in Madison) with Espere Eckard-Lee.  By request from audience members, they'll be doing a mix of autumnal and Halloween themed songs - including a bunch of songs usually targeted at kids!  There are plenty of "kids-at-heart" at Oakwood Village!

CD pumpkin Color042_2.jpg

Oct 30 / 1PM


Ken and Espere Eckard-Lee perform songs from "PUMPKENLAND" at "UFO Days" in Belleville, WI.  YES... the event commemorates a visit to Belleville from outer space a few decades back, according to many local eye-witnesses! A town parade (including flying saucers on wheels!), costumed aliens, treats and of course, MUSIC!  Lots of songs about aliens and flying saucers and everything else pertaining to the season!