Ken’s a prolific songwriter and enthusiastic performer.  Much like folk legends Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, he sings for adults and children, addresses wide-ranging topics and mixes humor, sensitivity and joy in every show.

    His ‘GREEN’ songs are widely known and loved.  He toured across North America as The Minstrel for the Environment.   His vast, varied repertoire and performance skills allow him to adapt to any audience or setting.


    “Ken Lonnquist is one hell of a good songwriter and singer.”

    ~ Pete Seeger


    ”You are a treasure in the realm of music for children. Kids love your songs - they are fresh, relevant, musically sound, imaginative. Your work runs circles around the likes of children’s music gurus such as Raffi.”

    ~ Twila Bergeron, Music Teacher, 

        Fox Point, WI


    “The highlight of Environment Week Canada!  Enough energy to jump-start all of Ontario!”

    ~ Pat Potter, Toronto Environment                     Festival

    Celebrating nature,  delighting kids, touching hearts and spirits... you'll love Ken Lonnquist.