“This fabulous show is not a circus in the conventional sense—only two of the 28 songs even mention the ‘C’ word—but the circus concept is as loose and baggy and full of pocket novelties as a clown’s trousers. Ringmaster Ken Lonnquist’s extravaganza does boast a veritable menagerie and a tidy sideshow of exotic characters. The latter include the shady, all-knowing Guru Guy, the nose-offending outlaw Windy Bill, and a slam-dunk wizard. Best of all is The Switcher-On Of Stars, a slightly mystical epic about the adventures that befall the title character, the earth, and the heavens. Considering its abundance of diverse material and musical styles (including credible calypso and western swing), The Circus Kenlando is well worth the price of admission."

~ Paul Shackman,Booklist


"My children and I praise the day we happened onto The Circus Kenlando in our public library. Brilliant! I also wanted to comment on a couple of songs --- The Switcher-On Of Stars --- Wow! Great lyrics! Tobacco --- thank you for the best anti-smoking message ever!! Keep up the great work!"

    ~ Katie Hejl, Lincoln, NE


“The only singer-songwriter whose fanciful, witty, antic songs we just never get sick of!!  

~ -Wild Rumpus Bookstore, Minneapolis


The Circus Kenlando CD

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  • 29 "death-defying" original songs for family listening!  Available on CD or digital download.

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