To harness the rowdy energy that flies around the car at the start of any major trip, I’d suggest the humor and loopy liveliness of Ken Lonnquist’s Welcome 2 Kenland. You’ll be slapping your thighs along to the infectious rhythms of “All Aboard” and keep it up all the way through “Who’s Bob Dylan?”. So what if your legs get all bruised, this is a groovin’ CD and you’re gonna like it as much as your kids will!" 

~ Crick Alfano, Wild Rumpus Bookstore, Minneapolis


“Wow What a treat!  Welcome 2 Kenland features 32 songs (over 73 minutes of music) and most of them are outstanding.  Lonnquist’s music is some of the freshest and most creative children’s music I’ve heard in a long time.”

~ Fred Koch, Chicago Parent Magazine



"Even my ten year old daughter said, “This one is cool, Mom.” She was listening to “Pink Polka Dot Underwear,” at the time I believe. Ken is one of life’s originals. You won’t hear songs like his anywhere else, and you won’t soon forget “Who’s Bob Dylan?” or “Nattie Of The Jungle”.

~ Val Leonhart Smalkin, Syndicated Columnist

Welcome 2 Kenland CD

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  • 32 original songs for family listening.  Available on CD or digital download.

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