Songs To Order!

COVID 19 prevents large gatherings for  CONCERTS, so in KENLAND we're inventing new ways of bringing music your way.

• Send your 'someone special' an original song-greeting!  Tell us what you'd like to say, the musical mood & style you prefer,  and we'll craft a sing the song via phone call or Zoom!  The songs will be short & sweet, unless you'd like to commission something BIG!


to sample some birthday songs,


Here's how to get started:

1.  Call or write KEN (6089) 249-7714 /

2.  Discuss the details you'd like included in your song.  KEN will help you with whatever options you wish to consider.

3.  KEN can create quickly - but starting well ahead of time is always best - especially if you want a more complex song, recording or video.

4.  Payment may be made via Venmo or PayPal.