Few can claim a songbag packed with such

styistic, emotional and thematic diversity.  

Easy-going and good-natured, the  songwriter concert features Ken's brilliant acoustic band in moving and meaningful

- and often hilarious -  tour-de-force shows.


     Love songs, nature ballads, topical humor, musical-theater and children's songs are all part of Ken's 'musical gumbo'.  A bit Guthrie and Lightfoot, a bit Silverstein and Lehrer... a one-of-a-kind original.

     songwriter treats audiences to an energetic, thought-provoking evening.  Airing nationally over the years on NPR, Pacifica Radio, Air America, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz , Thom Hartmann, CBC Radio and beyond, Ken Lonnquisr's songs will be a sure hit

with your festival and performance series audiences.

“An irresistible singer and songwriter!”

~ Isthmus Arta Weekly



 Coconut Song 

 North Wisconsin 

 Pee Pee In Jars 

 Windy Bill 

350 Russell St, Madison, WI  53704 • • 608-249-7714